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Our Services

Our Services

We're Here for Life!

As a not-for-profit organization, Community Blood Services has provided a wide variety of programs and services devoted to saving lives and serving the community�s needs for more than 50 years. Our blood collection, umbilical cord blood, and bone marrow services join individuals, organizations and communities together in partnership with us to help save lives. It takes all types of donors from our diverse communities, combined with the efforts of our highly trained staff, to support our services and carry out our lifesaving mission.

Our dedicated and experienced staff strives to provide the best donor services for our blood and platelet donors, as well as excellent hospital services to the hospitals in our communities. And the technical services we offer are first-rate.

We pledge to continue to expand and improve our services, and the range of people whose lives we touch, as we increase our partnerships with community members to meet the ongoing needs of patients in our communities.

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