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Donate Blood

Our Exclusive Type O Negative CMV Negative Donor Program

Did you know that Community Blood Services needs at least 60 O negative CMV negative blood donors every week to help babies in our community hospitals? Donors like YOU can make the difference!

The Special Delivery Donor Club is a program at Community Blood Services that encourages regular donations from Type O- CMV negative donors to ensure we can meet the needs of our tiniest hospital patients. Members can make their lifesaving donations at our Paramus, Lincoln Park or Montvale donor centers in New Jersey and at any of our blood drives in New Jersey and New York.

Cytomegalovirus (CMV) is a common virus found in the environment that is not generally a serious infection EXCEPT for patients with compromised health conditions, including critically ill babies. Your blood type, and the fact you haven�t been exposed to this virus, makes you the perfect type to donate blood and help save these babies lives!

As a club member you�ll receive a:

  • Special Delivery T-shirt
  • Special Delivery sticker each time you donate that identifies you as a special donor
  • Special Delivery sticker on each blood donation sent to the hospital
  • Special Delivery recognition certificate and ceremony at the end of the year

By committing to at least THREE lifesaving donations a year as a club member, you can have the heartwarming feeling of knowing you are helping to save the lives of babies who need you!

  • If you know you are a Type O negative cmv donor, sign up for the Special Delivery club by clicking here or call 1-866-228-1500.
  • To find out if you have Type O cmv negative blood, call toll free 866-228-1500. First-time O negative donors will be notified after their first donation if they are cmv negative and invited to join the club.

Click here to schedule your next lifesaving donation!

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