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Volunteer Opportunities

Do you want to help save a life? If the answer is yes, please consider volunteering with us. Our volunteers are a great asset to our organization and to the community we serve. Many of our volunteers are blood donors who feel committed to help their community, students who need community service hours, retirees who have extra time on their hands or busy professionals who just want to make a difference. Volunteering for Community Blood Services will provide you with opportunities to make new friends, discover hidden talents and build self confidence, and gain self-fulfillment. Statistics show that the more active you remain, the longer you will live and the healthier you will be.

A Community Blood Services� volunteer must have the willingness to learn, ability to work with people and a desire to make a valuable contribution to the community. All training is provided by the volunteer office. Bilingual volunteers are also needed.

Telephone Recruitment

For those who enjoy:

  • talking with people
  • coordinating busy schedules

  • Volunteers work with our employees and other volunteers to call previous volunteer blood donors, thank them for their past donations, and ask them to schedule their next appointments.

    Canteen Customer Service

    For those who enjoy:

  • talking with people from all walks of life
  • providing cheerful customer service

  • Volunteers serve refreshments to our donors in the donor canteens at our donor centers and blood drives, and encourage donors to stay for the full 15 minutes after they donate.

    Blood Drive Customer Service

    For those who enjoy:

  • working in a variety of different locations
  • working in a fast-paced environment

  • Volunteers assist with refreshments, education, etc. at blood drives we hold with businesses, schools, churches and community organizations throughout our service area.

    Marrow/Blood Stem Cell Support

    For those who enjoy:

  • working in a variety of locations
  • meeting people from all walks and cultures

  • Volunteers recruit and register local volunteer donors for the National Marrow Donor Program�s Be The Match registry, which provides lifesaving matches for patients worldwide. Volunteers are needed to assist with marrow drives, clerical assignments, educational outreach, health fairs and special projects.

    Clerical Support

    For those who enjoy:

  • task-oriented assignments
  • working as part of a team

  • You will work in a variety of administrative departments. Computer skills are helpful.

    To apply for a volunteer position, please click here.

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