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Donate Blood

Our Online Donor Rewards Program,
Where Giving Gives Back!

By now you probably know that "You're Our Type," no matter what your blood type is or whether you donate whole blood, platelets or plasma. Every time you take time out from your busy schedule to make a lifesaving donation, you help patients in our community hospitals. YOU make the difference in so many lives!

Our online Donorplus recognition and rewards program, "where giving gives back," is designed to recognize your unselfish act of donation and show our thanks for all you do to support our community. As a donor, you will receive valuable points each time you donate. Once you register online to become a member of Donorplus, you will be able to view your points and redeem them for a wide variety of exciting gifts.

The more you donate, the more points you will accumulate; the more points you earn, the bigger the rewards! At various times of the year, when the need for blood increases or certain blood types are needed, Donorplus will even offer bonus points to donors who answer the call for help.

You can learn more about Donorplus by visiting www.mydonorplus.com or by reading the FAQ on the Donorplus website. Or you can call our Donorplus Help Desk at 201-251-3703 or toll free at 866-228-1500.

Join our DONORplus Rewards Program TODAY!

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