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Community Blood Services takes pride in the services it provides to more than 18 hospitals in the NJ/NY region. Committed to serving the community�s transfusion medicine needs for more than 60 years, we are dedicated to providing the highest customer service to our hospital clients. We are open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for delivery of lifesaving blood and blood products to the hospitals we serve.

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T: 201-251-3735
F: 201-444-0074


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  • October 2015

  • BCNJ Donor Lookbacks

    For post donation information on Blood Center of New Jersey (BCNJ) blood donors on or before December 23, 2014 please contact the lookback coordinator by clicking the lookback button that follows and submitting the email form.


    Babesia microti Testing for Blood Collected in High-Risk Endemic States
    (September 2015)

    Starting in October 2015 The Blood Centers Division of Blood Systems began using an investigational kit to test for antibodies to Babesia microti in all blood donations collected in New Jersey and New York by Community Blood Services. Community Blood Services is the first and only blood center in New Jersey at this time offering such testing. Blood Systems is the parent company of Community Blood Services.
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    For additional information about babesiosis, consult resources available on the CDC and AABB websites. For questions about any of Blood Systems� testing protocols, please call 201-389-0450.

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