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Community Blood Services Benefits

A commitment to your health, your security, and your future�

Our mission guides us towards caring for others and remains part of everything we do at our blood center. This commitment is no less important when it comes to our employees.

When you choose a career with Community Blood Services, we provide the resources to help you develop and succeed both in that career and your personal life. One way we can achieve this is through our comprehensive benefits program, which offers employees and their eligible dependents the flexibility to help address their needs at different stages in life. The following section highlights many of our available benefit plans and programs.

For health and well-being...

  • Medical coverage at Community Blood Services starts with an emphasis on preventive care, covering routine physicals and certain routine screenings at 100%.
  • We provide an easy-to-use health improvement program, providing employees and their covered dependents with tools, services and information designed to support healthy living.
  • Medical and dental coverage under the Community Blood Services Plan extends to a qualified adult, which includes a spouse, same-sex domestic partner or other qualified family member who meets eligibility requirements.
  • A choice of two levels of dental coverage, including preventive and orthodontia services.
  • Vision care coverage for a range of services to meet employees' vision care needs.
  • A health care Flexible Spending Account to help bridge the gap between health care expenses covered by insurance and eligible expenses that are paid out-of-pocket, by setting aside a certain amount of pretax dollars each year.
  • A dependent care Flexible Spending Account to help cover eligible out-of-pocket expenses for child or elder care, by setting aside a certain amount of pretax dollars each year.
  • Short-term disability benefits for approved claims in the event of illness, injury, or pregnancy may provide continuation of pay and most benefits for up to 26 weeks.
  • Piad holidays, personal, sick, and incremental vacation days, which can be taken during the year to accommodate personal needs.
  • Paid bereavement leave.

For financial peace of mind...

  • A retirement savings plan providing employees with an additional source of income upon retirement. Benefits under the retirement plan can grow as earnings and years of service with Community Blood Services increase
  • Life insurance for employees in the event of death. A basic Company-provided level of life insurance coverage is provided. Employees can elect an additional amount of coverage for themselves as well as coverage for eligible dependents.
  • Business travel accident insurance in the event of death or serious injury as a result of an accident while traveling on Community Blood Services business.
  • Long-term disability insurance in the event of total and permanent disability preventing the ability to work.
  • Accidental death and dismemberment insurance for employees and eligible dependents in the event of death or dismemberment due to an accident; employees can elect an additional amount of coverage for themselves as well as coverage for eligible dependents.
  • Access to a financial planning program which offers the services of experienced, professional financial planners to help employees learn how to make informed decisions regarding money and investments.
  • An Employee Assistance Program to help employees address problems and seek practical solutions to personal and professional issues

For the community...

  • Jury duty leave pay.

Although this fact sheet contains information about Community Blood Services� current benefits, policies and other offerings for eligible employees, it is not intended to provide every detail. More details are included in the legal documents governing the various Community Blood Services plans and programs. In all cases, benefits and other offerings at Community Blood Services are subject to the terms and conditions as provided in these documents. In the event that there is a conflict between the information in this fact sheet and the official documents, the official documents shall control. The information summarized in this fact sheet is not intended to create any contractual rights or claims on the part of anyone. While Community Blood Services expects to continue the benefits, policies and offerings described in this fact sheet, it reserves the right to unilaterally amend, modify or terminate one or more of them at any time for any reason.

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