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Bone Marrow

The HLA Registry

How to Organize a Bone Marrow Drive

You can help save lives by holding a bone marrow registration drive with your community group, school, college, business or place of worship. It�s easy to join The HLA Registry at Be The Match. Donors must be between the ages of 18 and 44, meet the health guidelines, and be willing to donate to any patient in need.

Every 4 minutes someone is diagnosed with a blood cancer. Thousands of children and adults are affected by leukemia or other life-threatening diseases requiring bone marrow or stem cell transplants to be cured - 70% of those patients will not find a donor in their own families. These patients depend upon The HLA Registry, the largest non-governmental donor center in the U.S., which has been recruiting volunteer marrow and blood stem cell donors in the community for more than 20 years.

The HLA Registry has more than 230,000 donors registered in the Be The Match Registry, one of the largest Be The Match registries and the only donor center in New Jersey. Doctors search the Registry when they need to find donors for their patients.

The most successful bone marrow drives are the ones that get the most people involved and registered!

Step 1:

Call or email an HLA Registry recruitment team member -
Kathy Young at 201-389-0480 or [email protected] or
Elise Johansen at 201-274-5381 or [email protected]
- to discuss a date, location and time for your drive.

Step 2:

Create your own bone marrow drive event team to help with fundraising, recruiting, and educating individuals about the importance of becoming committed donors. Kathy or Patrice will guide you through the process to make your event a success.

Step 3:

Promote your drive within your organization, school, or community via email, Facebook, Twitter, or by simply posting fliers and information about your bone marrow drive in bulletins, newsletters and local newspapers. We can help!

Step 4:

To help ensure the success of your event you should recruit a minimum of 25 new registrants for the drive. Fundraising is also encouraged, you can set up your own team page to help fund your event by clicking here.

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