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Donate Blood

Donate Blood

Donation Process

  • First you will complete a health history questionnaire using our simple and efficient automated eQue™ registration and screening system.
  • After showing a photo i.d. with signature and having your fingerprint scanned for future identification, you will fill out the 53-question registration form at any eQue kiosk. Honest answers are important to ensure a safe blood supply, and all information collected is handled in strictest confidence. When you return to donate again you may proceed directly to the kiosk and begin to answer the questions, cutting down on your registration time.
  • Next, you will receive a brief medical exam, including blood pressure, pulse, temperature and a test to determine your iron level.
  • If all medical requirements are met, you will be able to donate a unit (about one pint) of blood, or you can donate platelets, plasma or double red blood cells.
  • After donating you will be served refreshments by one of our volunteers, while remaining seated for about 10 minutes.
  • Donating should take less than an hour, although it will take a little longer if you are donating double red cells or platelets.

Click here for donor eligibility guidelines.

Click here for post donation instructions.

Click here to find a donation site near you.

Contact us to locate a blood drive in your area.

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