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Donate Blood

You Could Be Just Our Type�
The Type to Save Lives Using Our New,
Multi-Plasma Technology!

Our new, more efficient multi-plasma technology allows multiple plasma products to be collected from volunteer male donors with various blood types to ensure an adequate supply is always available for burn and trauma patients in our community hospitals who need lifesaving plasma transfusions. Plasma from our Most Valuable Plasma Donors is used during organ transplants, and to treat bleeding disorders and burn and trauma patients.

Did you know donors who have AB blood have a rare blood type (only 4 percent of the population is AB), and are especially needed because they are the �universal� plasma donor? That means they are able to help patients who need transfusions regardless of the patients� blood types. Because AB donors make up such a small segment of the population and AB plasma is in most demand by the hospitals we serve, the supply of AB plasma must constantly be replenished.

Find out if your blood type makes you the perfect type to give an automated multi-plasma donation and help save even more lives in our community!


  • Up to 4 lifesaving units can be collected during 1 donation
  • Units are patient-ready
  • Targets needs of our hospital patients
  • Uses single-arm technology
  • Can make a multi-plasma donation every 30 days
  • Can join MVP (Most Valuable Plasma) Donor Club
  • Call 866-228-1500 to learn more or,
    if you are already a multi-plasma donor,
    Click here to schedule your next donation!

    Ver 3.0