Most Valuable Plasma Donor Club

Male Plasma Donors Needed To Join Our MVP Donor Club!

If you are a male plasma donor willing to commit to making at least THREE lifesaving donations a year, you are invited to join our MVP (Most Valuable Plasma) Donor Club. By becoming a regular plasma donor you can have the heartwarming feeling of knowing you are helping to save the lives of burn and trauma patients in our community!

And now you can help multiple patients each time you donate thanks to our multi-plasma technology which allows up to four (4) lifesaving units to be collected during just one (1) donation!

Did you know plasma can be donated as often as every 30 days through our automated donation process? It’s safe, easy and usually only takes a little longer than donating whole blood.

Males with Type AB blood are especially needed because they are universal plasma donors. Their plasma is the highest in demand by hospitals because it can be used by any patient regardless of their blood type. AB donors represent only 4% of the population so the supply of AB plasma must constantly be replenished.

The MVP Donor Club has been revamped for 2018! As a club member, you will receive a gift card for every 3 plasma donations you make this year. All Male Type AB plasma donors are automatically enrolled into the club. Please allow 2 to 3 weeks after every 3rd donation for gift cards to be mailed.

Thank you for your commitment in helping to save lives!